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Encounter the Love of Jesus through the Power of the Holy Spirit
Rencontre l'Amour de Jésus par la Puissance de Saint Esprit


"My heart says of you, "Seek His Face!"

Your face, Lord, I will seek."  Psalm 27:8

Songs, messages, Scriptures, and more...

Things that we feel will draw you more closely to the heart of God, so that you may know Him more.


Community is important and we are a community who love and support each other.  Together we follow Jesus, live our lives full of the Holy Spirit, receive God the Father's love, and grow in understanding the Word of God. 

We gather in person on Saturday's, online and in person for small group Bible study and intercessory prayer.

If you are interested in either getting to know Jesus better then we invite you to join us.  We often have a meal or snacks together and you are invited.

We have outreaches with open mic events and we host drop in prayer for healing or any troubles you are in the middle.

For more information, contact us...

What we do...

How we use time and money speaks of what we worship and value.  We desire to worship God in everything.

As a church, our desire is to advance God's Kingdom internationally, nationally, provincially, and in our community.  We consciously pray and share hope, we encourage, volunteer, assist, donate, and we give of ourselves.

We often have events where we are supporting businesses or individuals. Whether it is in prayer, in person, with our time & resources, or financially we want to represent God well - our God is a good Father who gives good gifts generously.  We hope to glorify Him, use His resources well, and bring His tender care to people.

We invite you to join us in the generous giving of time, energy, ideas, hope, and resources..


We (Mario and Stephanie), are so glad that you stopped by our website!  


More than anything, we want you to have an opportunity to meet or encounter Jesus.  We believe that every person deserves an opportunity to get to know Him by His love, His kindness, His grace, His power, and by His plan and purpose for you.   We believe that God the Father's love is life changing, and that the power of the Holy Spirit so often catches our intention so that you can truly know and follow Jesus.

We know with certainty that God has incredible things for you!

We want you to have the opportunity for a life and eternity changing encounter, and we try to remove obstacles that can get in the way of this meeting.  We believe that people are able to see Jesus in a new way through a miracle, through healing, through deliverance, or through breaking of chains like addiction, habits, or patterns; all by the power of God the Holy Spirit who does these and more by Jesus' work. 

We are helping to make disciples of Jesus, and we are growing leaders.

We always want to spend time, listen, and pray with you - if we don't offer, please be sure to ask. 

For more information, please contact us.


TESTIMONIES of what God is doing in Southwest Nova Scotia!

We are seeing the Holy Spirit healing and touching people in Jesus' Name with prayer.

Praise God for His healing and deliverance!

Healing:  Bulging and herniated disk completely healed with full return of strength

Healing:  kidney and ovarian tumours healed on ultrasound, liver masses healed, masses present on chest xray, kidney ultrasound absent on CT scan

Healing:  autism, brain injury, accelerated recovery and healing post stroke

Healing:  immediate decrease in swelling and straightening of damaged finger tendon

Healing:  headaches, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, back pain, groin pain, wrist pain, rib pain resolved


Healing:  healing of eye pain, improvement in vision, healing of red eyes unable to tolerate sunlight, improved glaucoma pressure readings

Deliverance:  freedom from fear

and shame, freedom and deliverance from witchcraft & the occult

Deliverance:  from shame and unforgiveness, healing from abuse

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