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Man completely healed of pain and weakness from bulging and herniated disk, with full return of strength. 

Woman with musculoskeletal back pain, and spirit of infirmity delivered and completely resolved with prayer in Jesus'Name.

Praise God!


Young boy with autism able to participate in activities and communicate. 

Spontaneous memory return after significant brain injury and change in ability.  Full return to school level.

Healing from infirmity!

Full healing of blocked arteries in the heart and healing of narrowed aortic valve!

Praise God!

Healing, Restoration, and Miracles:

Men and women experiencing no further headache, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, or arm pain after prayer.  Complete and accelerated healing of shoulder after a fall!

Complete restoration of vision!  Normal eye pressures and no more issues with glaucoma!

Equipment sold at price of dream truck and taxes!

Baby thought to have condition that would not allow her to breathe or be independent by specialists found to be completely healthy on advanced ultrasound after prayer!

Praise God!


Man with kidney tumour and woman with ovarian tumours, both healed with prayer so that no tumour evident.

Woman with gynecological cancer healed!

Woman with ovary masses present on xray considered malignant healed and resolved with prayer. Absent on further testing.

Lung lesions spontaneously healed!


Praise God! 


Complete freedom from shame, unforgiveness and the trauma of abuse.

Complete freedom from fear and shame.  Freedom from unworthiness.

Freedom from addictions!

Freedom from lack!

Freedom from evil presence in homes!

Freedom from nightmares!

Praise God!


We are praying for healing and restoration of blood in people with blood cancers or illnesses in Jesus' Name.

We are praying for freedom from prostate cancer, colon cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, lung cancer in Jesus' Name and full restoration of healthy cells.

We are praying for restoration and full regeneration of individuals who have had stroke, have ALS, chronic pain, MS, or with dementia in Jesus' Name.

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